in person worship, April 4th

Dear friends and families of Grace church,


Jesus is alive, and He still reigns! That is why we never lose hope, even in the midst of difficult times. I pray that you have been well and in His care and love.


As we head into the Holy Week, I want to share an exciting news with you:


We have decided to resume in person worship at Grace, beginning Easter Sunday, April, 4th at 10:30AM. Many of our people who are most vulnerable to COVID share to have been vaccinated, or are taking good precautionary measures, which allows for us to carefully plan to be back in church. We will not, however, be able to resume adult or children's Sunday schools yet, nor will there be Grace café at this time. Praying that we can chat over coffee soon!


As you plan to come, our state is still in Phase 4 of the COVID mitigation plan, therefore good public health practices are required, such as wearing face masks, and social distancing when in attendance. And in order to participate in congregational singing and reading, a well-fitted, high quality (medical grade, such as N95 or KN95) mask, and distancing of 10 feet or more are recommended, and to be done in a well ventilated area. You may find the updated guideline from the conference at the following web page:


This also means that, while we will continue to offer online worship, the Facebook video and teleconference call will only be offered through live streaming on time at 10:30AM. We will not be able to upload worship videos ahead of the schedule. And there will not be any 2nd service replay via teleconference call at 11:30AM. Instructions will be included in the upcoming April newsletter.

Thank you for being patient, vigilant, and prayerful throughout these difficult time. I pray the blessing, joy and peace of Jesus' resurrection covers for you. Looking forward!


Christ is Risen!


Your friend,


Pastor Rhee

Mar. 26, 2021