Pod - cast (noun) a digital audio file made available for streaming or downloading on a computer or mobile device.  

There are endless podcasts to connect with (some edifying and some anything but) however, the following listed here are a small collection endorsed by self-proclaimed podcast enthusiast and Jesus follower, Laura Morthland.  

  • The Bible Recap

    Convicted to read the Bible but overwhelmed to start?  Tried to read through but quit when it got confusing or too hard? Do not despair!  The Bible Recap may be the thing that moves you past those and other roadblocks.  Take hold of God's word and discover that "He's where the joy is!"

  • The Unfolding

    This is a powerful collection of stories testifying to God's power at work in the lives of everyday people.  Hosted by Meredith Foster from WBGL, new pages unfold each Friday.

  • Hear Spurgeon.com

    Original sermons preached by Charles Spurgeon (b. England 1834) re-read for the modern listener to hear the power of his oratory.  Although Spurgeon is a well known preacher and theologian, there are no known recordings of his sermons; if you enjoy reading Spurgeon this might be a wonderful treat.